Energy meditation classes in Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood

Energy Meditation


A unique meditation practice training the mind to facilitate & speed up the process of soul evolution.
A trained mind is a happy mind.


Energy Meditation in the heart of bridgeport neighborhood

Meditate with us

Energy Meditation is a powerful seated class in a bright, spacious studio on the second floor of Bridgeport Mind & Body. Classes typically start with a brief talk led by our instructor Paul Levy, followed by deep breathing exercises and a continuous exchange of energy to relax our bodies and let go of any thoughts troubling our minds.

Energy Meditation is a unique practice in which we develop a powerful psychic energy system, sometimes referred to as the chakra system, and combine it with mindfulness training. One of the many benefits is that it literally rewires our brain to have greater concentration and focus, decreasing stress and tension which in turn allows us to be more thoughtful and creative; It also helps the physical and mental health to get clarity so that you can make better choices in your relationships and business matters.

Meditation provides us the insight to honestly understand who we are and what we want out of life. We cannot find such honesty with ourselves when our minds are racing uncontrollably. In this class, we learn how to manage the interior noise, distracting thoughts and emotions that cloud our perceptions.

Don't wait for the weekend to relax, join our daily morning meditations or in the evenings on Wednesday and Saturday.


The Studio

Located in the heart of Chicago‘s Bridgeport neighborhood, our studio is a bright and peaceful space on the 2nd floor of Bridgeport Mind & Body on 35th Street, half a block east of Halsted




On selected Saturdays, Paul Levy leads extended meditation sessions focusing on deep breathing, concentration and relaxing exercises to detox our minds and reset our bodies to get mentally and physically ready for the week ahead.

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