An Out of Body Experience

From Chapter 2 - Adolescence

For months I had been filling my head with stories of mystics and wise men who had wonderful spiritual experiences. My favorite was Sri Ramakrishna. He was a Hindu saint who lived in the middle of the 1900's. He had an extraordinary inner life, the experiences of which seemed to be inaccessible for the rest of us. My thinking was that he was a human and so was I. Theoretically, I should be able to accomplish anything that he could. Thus, thinks a 19 year-old.

Therefore, one night I swore to myself a solemn oath. I would sit in meditation double-cross-legged style like a Hindu Yogi and would not quit the posture until I had had a direct spiritual experience. Since this was the first time I had sat in full lotus position, I soon had pain in the legs. Gradually it encompassed the whole body and became severe and unremitting. Not willing to renege on the oath, I passed hours in agony. The pain felt like hot blood oozing out of every pore, slowly rolling down my motionless body.

Spurred by the pain, I dove into the inner self, looking for a way out. I prayed to be out of the body and imagined myself up in the atmosphere. At that, I was catapulted with great speed through the top of my head, up through the roof and into the air, where there was easy freedom with no body and no pain, then quickly found myself back in the pain-wracked body. This process repeated many times. Had I had inner training, I would have stayed out-of-body and gone exploring.

For hours I was caught in a circular loop of thought keeping me in the activity. When I finally realized that I had had a direct spiritual experience I ended the session. I had fulfilled the oath by proving that the soul is independent of the physical body since I had come out of it. I had disproved my parents who held the soul crushing belief that there is no God, that people are not spiritual beings and don't continue after death.

Apparently, directed bungling can sometimes bring a good result.